"God's art [Creation] speaks of Himself, reflecting who He is and what He is like."
Francis Chan

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Big Project

So I have been having an itching to start a bigger project, as I have been doing a lot of smaller paintings lately.  Of course the smaller paintings take less time because, well, you have to paint less canvas.  But I really love working on the big stuff.  About five years ago I decided to tackle what I consider a mammoth and did a rose on a 60x48 canvas.  I loved looking at a huge canvas and just diving in.  It took me an entire summer but I had a blast.  Below is my orginal "biggie" titled "Red Rose from My Garden"

Since then I have worked on bigger canvases, but never one that big.  So with a few weeks left in this seemingly endless winter,  I decided to tackle a bigger project to make time pass!  As you can see in the picture at the top of the post, it's a flower ( I know, your shocked!) I am using an idea I got from a photo I saw in a magazine so I consider this more of a study.  I wanted to try something in the cooler colors, so as of now I am planning on doing white flowers with blue undertones.  I am especially intrigued with the idea of working on the leaves being both smooth (to go along with the peacefulness of the cool tones) but also adding a few curves and curls to make it interesting.
So this new painting is 48x48.  If you are anything like me, you are reading those numbers and looking at the small picture of stage one of the painting at the top of this post and not connecting what I mean by "big project".  To give you something to relate it all to, here is a picture that my daughter took this morning of me next to the painting. 
More updates to come.
By the way, anyone in the Cedar Rapids area, stop in to The Coffee Emporium in Hiawatha and see a few of my paintings on display through March 19th, including  "Red Rose From My Garden" .

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beauty in the Ordinary

    Well, I told you in my last post that per the advice of my very wise teenager, I was breaking out of my pink/red florals with dark background box (for now anyway!) and putting some different colors on my pallette.  I tried out the new pallette last Saturday and was fairly pleased with the outcome. 
  It was so hard to try something new though!  I was really hung up with the thought of painting a lighter background.  I love the dramatic effects from the dark backgrounds against the brighter colors of the flowers. Plus, I love the intensity of the beauty of a zoomed in view of a flower.  Now I was just painting a simple still life of a plain vase with some flowers on a basic background.   I thought it would just look bland and ordinary. 
    As I was painting I began thinking about a teaching I heard a few weeks back about Jesus, taken from Isaiah 53.  Isaiah pointed out that Jesus, while here on earth, was nothing special to look at.  "  He has no stately form or majesty, that we would look upon Him, no appearance that we should be attracted to Him..." Is. 53:2
Point being - He was ordinary. 
He wasn't exactly what we think of when we think of a great king to lead us or a great hero to rescue us.  He looked like all the rest of us.  No one was following Him around gushing over His handsome features and strong physique.  He was plain.  Yet all of the beauty and glory of God was contained within this very plain vessel.   Beauty in the ordinary.
You just never know what thoughts are going to run through your mind as your standing at that easel for hours at at time!
The painting is an oil on mat board, 15x20.  I decided to title it "Beauty in the Ordinary".


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