"God's art [Creation] speaks of Himself, reflecting who He is and what He is like."
Francis Chan

Friday, March 26, 2010

O Happy Day...

Well since this blog is not just about art, but about all things that inspire, I have to share some homegrown inspiration! This is a picture of two great joys in my life - my husband, Craig and our youngest daughter, Sophia. Sophie is two and a half and, as I have mentioned before, entered our family when we least expected it. (There is a ten year difference between her and our next youngest.) She is a constant reminder to me that God's ways, although we may not always understand them completely, are always the best for us. She brings a tremendous amount of fun into our home.
Sophie began talking very early and along with the talking came a whole lot of singing. One day, when she was about a year and a half, Craig was snuggling with her before she went to bed and he began singing "O Happy Day" to her. The crazy thing was that she actually started doing the "echo" part of the song (Remember "Sister Act" with Whoopi Goldberg?). She could barely pronounce the words but she was following him as best she could and somehow knew to do the repeat of his lines. It was crazy!
Well, a year later she still loves that song. We will be driving in the car and for those of you who know me, you know that love to sing. I'll be singing all kinds of songs, but no matter what I sing I know pretty soon I will hear Sophie in the back seat ..."Sing O Happy Day". She doesn't want to hear anything else! My oldest daughter, Shelby found the Youtube video of that "O Happy Day" scene from "Sister Act" and played it over and over again for Sophie until Sophie learned what key to press on the keyboard to get it to repeat herself. Obviously she loves that song!
She had fun today standing in front of the computer's camera and watching herself dance as she sang her favorite song. (At one point as she was dancing she stopped singing to comment to me about her dancing -"look Mom, I'm workin' it!" - Definately a child with older siblings.)
I am amazed as I hear her sing about things that she has yet to even mentally grasp - knowing the joy of Jesus setting her free from sin. That realization will come to her later. For now she just loves the Jesus that she talks to at meal times and bedtimes, and learns about in Sunday school. In her two year old mind - He's good, He helps her, and He's God. And that's enough to sing about!
Jesus said that those who want to go to Heaven will need faith like a child....

And now for your listening enjoyment ;-) .....

Saturday, March 13, 2010


  I wanted to give an update on the big project that I have been working on.  I recently looked at the date of my last post and was surprised to see that almost a month had gone by since I began this painting!  It has been, unfortunately an on and off again process as this time of year finds our family, like most homeschooling families, pressing in hard to make sure we are getting work done so we can enjoy the summer (and if we are fortunate - maybe even the late spring!)
  In fact, I have found myself lately being reminded that priorities are so important to keep in perspective.      
Most mornings when I get up I know my day will go so much better if I take the time for my number one priority - seeking God through prayer and the reading of His word.  After that should come loving and helping my husband and then loving my children.  For me this includes (but is not limited to!) working at our family business and homeschooling our kiddos.  Then (and it should be only then) should I take the time to pursue things like art.  Don't get me wrong, I believe with all my heart that God doesn't give us the desire and skills to create only to have it sit on the shelf.  But we humans are strange ducks who tend to take the things that God gives us and twist them and turn them into little gods themselves.  And when we do that disaster is inevitable.
  So with that in mind, I have taken my time with this painting and instead, dug in deep into tax preparations,  World History, Algebra II (Lord, give me grace!!) college applications, and of course lots of reading of "Goodnight Moon".
   In the midst of that I have slowly, but surely been getting somewhere on this painting. I have found it difficult to get the white that I want for the flowers while still showing vibrant colors.  As of now I am too much on the blue side (maybe on another post I will comment on my love/hate relationship with Prussian Blue).  But I am making headway.  I am extremely open to any advise from my artist friends on how to better achieve this.
  I also wanted to include a small study that I enjoyed doing yesterday (we are on a two day Spring break!)  for a painting that I hope to do sometime in the future.  It gave me a chance to explore portraits again.  I will definitely be making some changes to the composition when I do it for real, but  this was a great opportunity to work out some ideas for it.

    Finally, just a reminder that we are never more happy than when we daily give our lives to the One who made us...
  "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you."  Matthew 6:33


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