"God's art [Creation] speaks of Himself, reflecting who He is and what He is like."
Francis Chan

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting Ready for a New Show

Autmn Collage 

    I've been finishing up a couple of new paintings to include in my upcoming show at the Des Moines Botanical Center.  I will have paintings hanging there from November 2nd through January 10, for those of you in that area.  I am really looking forward to this show.  
    I was in the poppy mood so of course I had to plant myself in the midst of a poppy field (no pun intended).  I started out with one idea for the painting below ("Blowing in the Wind")  and it ended up developing into another.  So I for see another poppy painting in my near future to further develop that original idea.  
   I also wanted to do something with a Fall theme.  I love the colors of Fall.  Many times when I start a painting my ideas come from what I would enjoy hanging in my own home.  I have a beautiful shelf in my dining room that my husband made just for my paintings.  There is a constant rotation of paintings up there during their drying time.  That way I can look at it often and make sure there isn't anything I want to tweak.  So when I do a painting one of my first thoughts is - do I want this hanging in my dining room.  Which is what led me to a Fall theme this time - I'm in the mood to see Fall colors on my wall for a bit!
     So if you happen to be in the Des Moines area (all of my Iowa friends), stop in to the Des Moines Botanical Center next month and see these paintings along with about fifteen others!

Blowing in the Wind

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Summer Sunflower" Finds a Home

            I had a terrific art show/ sale a couple of weeks back.  It was great not just because I sold a few paintings (although that is always nice!), but because I was blown away by the number of people who came out to see my artwork ( and many that were not even related to me - ha!).  I also loved meeting new friends that were so fun to speak to and who were there just enjoying art - awesome!
           One of those people was Dr. David Benson, the superintendant  of the Cedar Rapids, IA School District.  He and his wife purchased "Summer Sunflower" to donate to the already thriving collection that the school district has.  I had to share his story because I found it to be very inspiring.
            For those of you not from Iowa, I first have to start off by letting you know of the horrific flood that Cedar Rapids had about four years ago.  It was like nothing you can imagine - much of the city, including all of the main government buildings were almost completely submerged in water.  Hundreds of homes were completely destroyed.  It was (although C.R. is smaller in size) comparable to the floods brought on by Katrina.  One fo the buildings that was damaged was the Cities' school district building. The staff worked hard to get valuables out of the building before the flood.  Among the things salvaged was the amazing collection of art that the district owned.  Most of the artwork had been collected over the last 70 years or so, from schools that were closing.  Much of it had originally been donated by artists, some well known, who were from the famed "Stone City Art Colony" right outside of Cedar Rapids.  The School district even owns "Young Corn" by Grant Wood.
    Post flood the district rebuilt a new building.  This building was built with post flood mentality - it was made to withstand time and elements and disasters.  As Dr. Benson told me -"It's made to be here in a hundred years or more."
   With the "meant to last" mentality and the already rich art collection, Dr. Benson came up with a wonderful idea.  His plan is to add to the collection by challenging himself and all future superintendents of the district to purchase, and donate to the district, a piece of fine art.  The artwork is to represent the superintendent's home state so that a "piece" of each superintendent  remains long after they have moved on.  His hope is that the art collection will grow and withstand time.  I love that whole concept!
   It just happens that Dr. Benson is from Kansas - thus my little sunflower caught his eye.
  I can not tell you how exciting it is for an artist to see a painting go to someone who loves it!  And I feel completely honored that my painting was chosen to be added to the collection.
   Art appreciation is alive and well in Iowa!!


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