"God's art [Creation] speaks of Himself, reflecting who He is and what He is like."
Francis Chan

Friday, March 30, 2012

Iowa Fields

      It has been eons since I have posted anything - but it is not because I have stepped away from my easel for the past month.  It is actually because I have been working on this bigger project  (35x35 oil) for an upcoming show in May with other members of the Cedar Rapids Creative Artists.  The show is called "Repeat, Repeat, Repeat..." and will be held  May 18th at Mr. Beans Coffee House in Marion (for you locals!).  The idea for the show is fantastic.  We have a photographer among the group that took a picture of an Iowa scene and each artist is to do their own interpretation of the scene.  Now this group is loaded with so many talented artists with so much more experience than I have ( I am constantly learning from them all!).  Each person can use as much artistic interpretation as they want as long as the photo remains the basic concept.  I am so looking forward to seeing the ideas that people come up with.
    I must say that when I got the photo I was a bit out of sorts.  I don't do a lot of landscapes, even though I do enjoy them when I do.  I struggled for many months over how I could put my own creative spin on this scene.  I considered zooming in on and making the windmill my main focus.  Alright, I have to admit, this idea came about purely from the realization that the windmill was the closest thing in the photo to my "flower comfort zone".  I scratched that idea after unsuccessfully contemplating how I could do that and still include any of the actual landscape to let it remain the photo concept in some way.  I literally sat on this for about three months without doing anything.  Finally I decided to make it more my style by concentrating on the color.  I love color.  I really am drawn to pure color with lots of energy.  With that in mind I zoomed in more on the field of grasses, which in the actual photo are not really so in the forefront.   The barn was another issue for me - I don't usually paint buildings.  By setting it more behind the grasses I was able to avoid making it the focus of the painting.  Therefore I was able to more make the subject the beauty of Iowa fields blowing in the wind on a summer day - which -  is there anything better (although I admit, I am a little biased!)?
   For those of you in my area, I encourage you to come out on May 18th and see  "Repeat, Repeat, Repeat...".  It is going to be a great show.


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