"God's art [Creation] speaks of Himself, reflecting who He is and what He is like."
Francis Chan

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


     Things, art wise, are slowing down here a bit.  All of the summer shows are done and it is time to work on some of the things that I didn't have  a lot of free time to do in the busyness of summer.  So I find myself returning to portraits.  For those of you new to my blog, I will let you know that I am kind of obsessed with portraits.  I'm not very good at them - yet - but am set on learning as much as I can to get better.  I love to see a well done portrait and am fascinated with how those artists who really do it well, can capture their subject.  So usually in the late fall,  I set aside the florals for a bit to concentrate on learning.
      First portrait project up for the season - Sophia Joy.  She was wearing this wide brimmed garden hat one day and I stopped her long enough to take a few photos that I then tucked away for later.  This was from my favorite pose.  I am a sucker for the coming out of the darkness feel.  It was taken in the middle of the summer so she had really sun kissed cheeks.  Love those!
  Overall, I am happy with a lot of things about this painting - as far as "learning" paintings go.  But I also tend to be my own worst critic and am frustrated to no end with the mouth.  That is so not her mouth.  I don't know what it is about mouths that really flub me up.  But yikes, do they ever.  Sooo...the learning process continues.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Few New Completed Works

I have been getting a few things done around here lately.  Last week I completed this little piece that had been on the easel off and on for about a month.  It is titled "In the Field" and is a 16x20 oil.  Originally I was going to do mountains in the background, then got inspired by the sunlight hitting the trees at sunset one evening in my own backyard and shifted gears for the painting.  I was also going to do just a field of wild grass but in the end felt like the purple flowers really made the painting zing a bit more.

  I also completed my giant coneflower and will be delivering it to its new owners this afternoon.  I am hoping they like it and that it is what they imagined.  It was really fun doing this one on such a large scale (30x40), and I had a blast doing the texture in the seed head.
  I have a few more projects in the works.  I will keep you posted...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Gammy's Lanterns

                  I have enjoyed, over the past few weeks, working on a special piece for my aunt.  On a visit to her home recently we looked at a wall in her living room that holds two beautiful pieces of art by my mother who was an amazing artist.  My aunt wanted me to paint something that could hang between my mother's work.  I noticed that there was a lot of orange tones in many of the paintings hanging in her room and mentioned that it would be nice to bring that into it.  I suddenly had an idea from something I remembered from my childhood and my many visits to her home.  

       When I was growing up my aunt always lived with my "Gammy" (grandmother) until my gammy's passing.  I have lots of memories of spending time in that house.  When my own mother passed away when I was eight, I spent many weekends at their home.  One of the things I remembered was that they always had a blue vase that sat on their hutch with these beautiful Japanese lanterns.  Maybe there is a formal name for this plant, but I have always known them as Japanese lanterns.  They are branches with little balloon like seed pods in bright orange.  When they are dried out, they last a really long time. In fact, when I brought it up, my aunt told me that it was the same dried Japanese lanterns on their hutch all throughout my childhood.  

As an adult, I have never been able to find these unique plants in any nurseries or flower shops that I have visited.  I really found myself hopipng that she still had them sitting on that hutch.  But I wasn't that fortunate.  Somewhere along the line, the Japanese lanterns had finally met their end.  She did, however, still has the beautiful blue vase that they sat in - which she now gave to me!

I knew that had to be the painting I did for her. I am waiting patiently for it to dry so I can take it to her.  I sure am hoping that she likes it.

On a side note - just a quick update on the commission piece I am doing ...

           I am close - but not quite there yet.  I am really trying to get the beautiful eggplant color that they wanted in the petals while still trying to keep the brilliance of the unexpected orange areas.  It's on the verge.  I'll keep you posted...


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