"God's art [Creation] speaks of Himself, reflecting who He is and what He is like."
Francis Chan

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Challenge - Painting Completed

"Bearded Iris"

    Last weekend was filled with a two day art sale and the beginning of this week got busy with school, errands and the business part of art, which means that as close as I was to completing this painting - it wasn't getting done.  So last night I decided I wasn't going to bed until it was done (good thing I was close to completion).  All that I really had left to do was to thicken and lengthen the "beard" and add some fine details to it.  Then the last things was to add some highlight areas.  So I turned up Pandora and painted away until just before midnight, when I was able to say, "Done."

   Over all this challenge has been great for me.  I feel like my creative juices are flowing again and I spent a lot of pure enjoyment time in painting this.  Now I am loaded with some new ideas for paintings.  This is just in time as I am gearing up for an upcoming show at the Des Moines Botanical Gardens in November through January.

For those of you who asked to see the size in comparison to my little Sophie...!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Challenge - Day 11

              I don't think I have ever posted twice in one day, but my earlier post was actually for yesterdays paint time.  Tonight I spent about two hours fine tuning the lower petals and adding the "pizazz" of the beard if the iris.  The paint for the beard is rather thick so I will let it sit at least over night (perhaps a couple of days - so I might have to skip a couple of days of painting while it sets up).  At that point I may thicken and lengthen the beard, add some highlights here and there and then I believe I will be done.
            Until then...

The Challenge - Day 10

                  I did get to paint yesterday (09/12), but I didn't quite get the blog post up.  So I may put day 10 and 11 both up today - we'll see how the evening goes.  I planted my self in front of these two right hand petals (seen below in context from the day seven post).  I'm sorry about the glare on the photo, but at least it gives you some idea of what I was up to.  I tried to smooth out some of the multi-colored shading so that it has a more uniform effect.  I also decided to bring more of the aqua in to areas to give the impression that some of the petals are slightly translucent and therefore catching the blue of the background in the lighted areas. I encourage you to double click on the image above to see more of the details of the brush strokes.

            Tonight when I paint I will be looking to add some pizazz in a couple of areas that are really needing it.
            Until then....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Challenge - Back at it: Day 9

Main petal - Day 9
                     I will admit that I fell off the wagon.  Two days straight of no painting.  It's not something that I am proud of - when I commit to something I like to stick with it.  But it's the fact, so there it is.
  But I am back at it again, starting up again with day nine of painting.  I focused mainly on the main flower, adding more depth with shading and highlights.  Now I know what you might be thinking - that I am basically showing you the same picture over and over and just "pretending" that I am getting further in the painting.  But the truth is, I am making progress.  To prove my point, I give evidence in the picture from day seven.

Main petal - Day7
                   I get asked all the time, "How long does it take you to paint one of these?'  Well, I am roughly about two-thirds done with this one and I am on approximately hour eleven.  Form this point forward I get to the fun stuff - polishing things up a bit, so to speak, and starting to see the idea I had in my head really come to life on canvas.
                     More tomorrow....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Challenge - Day 8

Day 8
I love Saturdays.  On Saturdays I can get big ol' chunks of time in with a paint brush in my hand.  Today I spent about three hours working on this project.  It feels like I got so much accomplished!  I added another layer of glaze to the back ground (I believe this makes four or five layers), and I added detail to just bout every petal. Whew... it feels good to be making headway.  Now time for some house cleaning...

Day 7 (for comparison)

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Challenge - Day 7

      Today I worked on the background, adding another layer of glaze to get more depth and vibrancy.  I also began to deepen the shadow of the third petal (smaller one to the right of the main petal).
      Tomorrow is Saturday!  My goal is to be in front of the canvas for at least a couple of hours.  Hopefully tomorrows post will show some real progress.  Until then....

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Challenge - Day 6

Main petal - day 6

            Okay, it might not look like I am making any progress - but really, I am!  I spent a lot of time today working on the main petal.  I added more shadowing, more curve and ripple in the petals and more of the soft grays and aqua.
             If it is looking pretty much the same to you, look below at day five and you will find some subtle changes.  What can I say - it is a slow, but sure, process.
Main petal - day 5

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Challenge - Day Five

                 Well, I am back from a little mini vacation with the family and ready to continue on making progress.  The couple of days away gave me some fresh perspective!  

             I thought it might be time to start honing in specific petals, starting with the upper left.  I wanted to bring in some turquoise to help bring harmony  to the over all painting.  It looks a bit bright right now but will be toned down later.

Close up work
           Tomorrow I may begin to tackle the main petal and see where it takes me.
         Until then.....

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Challange - Day 4

Day 4 - I feel like I got a lot done today.  I really worked on darkening up the background and trying to add more depth to it.  My background is done with layers of glaze (this would be the second layer after the initial wash of blue), done in various combinations of Prussian Blue, Viridian Hue, Cobalt Turquoise, Burnt Umber, and Payne's Gray.
I also worked more on the balance of the composition, extending the petal in the middle of the canvas to the right (as you look at it).
No painting for the next two days - time for a little family togetherness on a short out of town trip.  More on Tuesday. Until then.....


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