"God's art [Creation] speaks of Himself, reflecting who He is and what He is like."
Francis Chan

Monday, March 27, 2017

My Hand in a Little Bit of Everything

     Sometimes it is all too easy to let ourselves slide into a pattern of doing the same old routine.  This holds true in life, and in art.  One thing I have tried to focus on in the past few months is keeping the creative spark going by getting out of my comfort zone and exploring new or seldom used mediums and departing a bit from my floral subject routine.  Here is a glimpse into the different activities around the studio...

WATERCOLOR - Something I started out, eons ago, doing a lot of, and had mostly set aside when I fell in love with oils.  I have rekindled a friendship with watercolor.  The thing about them, is they force me to paint looser - which is something I am constantly striving to do.  I began, a couple of months ago, to keep an watercolor journal, in which I can do quick, warm -ups that get the creative juices flowing!



My schedule this school year has my youngest taking some special classes a couple of times a week, which means precious hours for me at local coffee shops with a sketchbook before me.  Drawing is a discipline that I committed to work on this year.  It gives me opportunity to work out compositions for future paintings and explore subjects that I might not want to put the time in, at this point, to paint .  

About two years ago, I began teaching classes, both for adults and children, as well as giving private lessons.  One thing I determined, when I began teaching, was to make classes both casual and fun (in the style of the social painting classes), but I also wanted to make sure I taught techniques and that people walked away with a sense of having learned something.  
Private lessons

Mother/daughter class

Honestly, I love teaching.  I love interacting with people and seeing the light come on when they paint something they never thought they could.  I love it when I see a love for art develop in someone.  And I love how teaching art, makes grow as an artist.  Most of my classes are opened to the public.  If you would like to try you hand at painting, you can sign up for a class, here.


I feel incredibly fortunate when someone enjoys my work enough to ask me to paint something for them or for someone they love.  It is challenging to try and bring someone's vision to fruition, but so worth it!  And being challenged to paint something I might not normally, or paint it in a different color scheme or style than I might normally do, has a huge effect on my over all painting.  I am thankful to have had quite a few opportunites lately to do commission pieces.


I also began a new series of work of smaller pieces, that I am calling "Art for Everyone".  The idea came out the desire to debunk the myth that owning original artwork is one, only for hoity toity collectors (lol), or two, out of the average persons' price range.  This year I challenged myself to create four series paintings ( one for each season), that are small enough to be in a price range that anyone can afford.  This is is the first of the series, released for Valentines Day.  Each painting is 8x10 and sells for 50.00 each.  Maybe they belong on your wall?  They can be purchased here.
  It amazes me how doing something as simple as painting smaller, makes me think in a different creative way.

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